Sunday, September 9, 2012

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!  We love this holiday at our house!  This year it we swam in the rain and ate inside.  We had the best BBQ ever!  Ribs, steak, chicken, grilled asparagus and squash.  Everything was so yummy!  After eating way too much we went to our friends for fireworks.  Carson and Taylor hated the loud noises!  Taylor finally figured out how to cover her ears and feel asleep on my lap.  Luckily we had plenty of glow sticks to keep Carson occupied.  Payton had a blast lighting some of the little fireworks, sparklers and roman candles.  Cole was pretty nervous with the one sparkler he did. 
Taylor turned 9 months on July 3rd.  She is growing so fast.  She crawls everywhere and walks along the furniture.  She hates baby food and doesn't really like people food yet which drives me crazy!  She hates to wear headbands and bows.  She loves to play with her brothers and their cars.  She is deathly afraid of strangers.  If I leave her with a babysitter, she cries the entire time and refuses to eat or drink anything until I get home-STUBBORN!  She is the princess of our home and we love her tons!

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