Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hardy Boys Costumes
Payton...Army Man
Cole...Snake Eyes (from GI Joe)
The boys were so excited for Halloween. Saturday night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. The boys got to hang out with all their friends and get tons of candy. Afterward we went to dinner with some friends. It was so much fun!

Kadyn, Payton and Cole ready to go get their candy!

The kids have to come home, dump out all the candy and trade each other for their favorites!

On Halloween night, we went to a party. We ate dinner, played games, decorated cookies and had a great time. I made ice cream brownie black cats for dessert...YUM

Pumpkin Carving

The kids love to have jack-o-lanterns but not so much the process. Payton is good to help for a little while but got bored after he learned he couldn't use the saw to carve the face. Cole is terrified of pumpkin insides. He took about one scoop of seeds out; it got on his fingers and he screamed bloody murder. So Brian and I tag-teamed the pumpkin carving. I cleaned out the pumpkins and Brian used the power tools to quickly carve the faces.

Cole was so proud of the jack-o-lanterns!

It's Party Time

Cole celebrated his birthday quite a few times this year. He partied with family in Utah, then in Idaho, on his actual birthday and then with his school friends. He loved every second of the attention!
On his birthday all he wanted to do was eat dinner at Burger King with his family and friend, Kadyn. Come home, open presents and have cupcakes.

Cole is such the ladies man-- the only boy in his Joy School class!

Happy 4th Birthday, Cole!

Growing Too Fast

Carson is growing up so fast. He changes almost everyday it seems like. He is starting to look like a little man. He is getting so much hair. He has two teeth and eats baby food like a champ. His favorite is apples. He loves to sit in his swing and watch Disney channel when he first wakes up in the morning. If you try to talk to him or stand in his way while he's watching his show, he gets mad! He loves his brothers to talk to him and play with him. When Payton gets home from school, Carson is so excited to see him.
He likes to growl at his toys that sing or make noise. He has the cutest smile and little laugh! We love having him as part of our family!

Picking Pumpkins

Every year we take our family trip to the orchard. Our kids love to search for just the right pumpkin. Payton found a gem this year. It was a big momma pumpkin with a little baby pumpkin growing on the side.
It was a fun (way too hot) morning picking pumpkins at the orchard with our friends.