Friday, August 20, 2010

4th of July

This year we celebrated July 4th at home. We were lucky to have my parents and sister still in town. We spent the day relaxing and having fun. We had a BBQ with friends and did sparklers and fireworks that night. The kids had a great time throwing poppers while they waited for it to get dark. Cole has always been afraid of fireworks so he went inside with Grandma and Carson when the loud noises started.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Carson

Carson James Hardy
June 24, 2010
6 Pounds 9 Ounces
19 1/2 inches
Our cute baby Carson was breech so I had to have a c-section. Brian and I checked into the hospital Thursday, June 24th at 5:ooam with the c-section scheduled for 7:00. The nurse did an ultra sound to check if Carson had turned. Now instead of upside down he was sideways. The doctor told me to decide if I wanted to try for a normal delivery with him attempting to turn the baby of if I wanted to stick with a c-section. There was still the risk of the baby going into distress while my doctor was turning him and I would end up with a c-section anyway. So I chose to just go ahead with the original plan of a c-section. I wasn't totally trilled with the idea but knew it was the best thing for my baby.
Brian walked me to the operating room. He got suited up in gown, mask, and hat while I got a spinal block. I sat on the operating table just like I was getting an epidural and the anesthesiologist put the needle in my back. Before I could lay down the bottom half of my body was numb. The nurse had to lift my legs onto the table and help me lay down. Brian and my doctor came in and a few minutes later at 8:12am my doctor held Carson up for me to see. The nurses and Brian cleaned Carson while my doctor sewed me back together and then they wheeled us to our room. We spent the next two days chillin' at the hospital.
My Mom and Liz came to stay with Payton and Cole. They brought the boys back and forth to the hospital and stayed with me so Brian could go home and get a shower.
Payton and Cole loved taking turns holding their new baby brother. We're so happy to have Baby Carson in our family!
C-section drugs make you feel GROOVY!

Payton & Cole brought Carson a stuffed animal to keep him company in the hospital.
Our first family picture!