Monday, January 26, 2009

Zoo Day

Last week the kids were out of school for teacher work day so we made a trip to the exciting Las Vegas Zoo. It's more like big dog kennels with animals but the kids loved it.

There were hundreds of bird and chickens running around everywhere. At first Cole was terrified of all these winged creatures. After about an hour he was sharing food with them. I couldn't take my eyes of the little guy, if I did he was into the bird feeders stuffing his mouth with seeds.

All the kids did their best impressions of the lions.

Payton, Cole & Ryder went for a ride on the turtle.

Cole is becoming quite the ladies man.

The kids had a blast; the moms were totally out numbered 4 to 13. We were just lucky it wasn't crowded. It was a great day at the zoo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This weekend we met our friends, the VanWagoner's, at Red Rock for lunch and bowling. The kids were super excited to see Ryan, Ethan and Reese! Our Wii bowling scores are much higher than our real bowling scores, but we still had lots of fun!

Cole didn't help Brian's or my score. He just had to help me throw the ball. I had a fowl on almost every frame. But he had tons of fun!


The other day, Cole asked if he could have a fruit roll up. I said no. He must have really wanted one because after I had left the kitchen he helped himself to a blue fruit roll up. What really frightens me is where is the plastic? We still haven't found it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why We Love Vegas

After spending time up north in the snow, it's so great to come home to beautiful sunshine. It has been so nice outside. We've been spending lots of time playing at the park and in the back yard. The boys are loving it!

Life doesn't get much better for Cole than to be playing outside and eating a sucker!


Grandpa Scott's Birthday was on Tuesday. To celebrate we had a little party. The boys helped me make cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. We even blew out candles. We wish we could have been there with Grandpa but this was the next best thing. Happy Birthday Grandpa!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On the Road Again

After being home for only 3 days we left again for Fresno. Tyler and Whitney were having their big reception and we just couldn't miss out. The boys were so excited because we got to stay at a hotel. We did lots of shopping, eating and just hanging out. The reception was so much fun. There was a live band and lots of yummy food. Cole and Luke danced the night away. They quickly won the heart of the singer with all their killer dance moves.

So with all our traveling you would think the boys would be happy to be home. Nope, as soon as we drove in the driveway Cole started crying, "I want my hotel. Go back to hotel."


Payton celebrated his 6th birthday over Christmas break. With all our traveling we decided to offer Payton a really cool present instead of a big party. He took the deal. He wanted a Nintendo DS (a red one). Payton got to pick whatever he wanted for dinner- ribs from Famous Daves BBQ. And of course he wanted a Star Wars cake. After dinner we went to Best Buy and he got to pick out another game for his DS.

Happy 6th Birthday, Payton!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing Around

Grandma and her silly boys. Payton was playing so hard he bumped one of his lose front teeth and it came out. He ran around the rest of the night with a tissue in his mouth. It's a good thing the tooth fairy knew where to find him.
Little Luke is already loving the Wii. He "played with Payton for hours.

Luke and Cole have a love - hate relationship. They sure love each other, but hate to share with each other. Now that we are back home. Cole is just going crazy without his cousin, Luke.

Santa Came!

This was Cole's first Christmas he understood the concept of Santa bringing presents. He was so excited! He couldn't get the presents unwrapped fast enough.

Santa must of known our goal to be more physically fit.

Finally, Cole got his Indiana Jones Whip! He danced around the house while the song played.

Wii Games!!!

Grandpa's dogs all got bones from Santa. Cole couldn't wait to go out to give Bo his bone.

My super hero boys and their toys!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through Grandma's house were two excited boys.
They couldn't wait to open their 1 present before bed.
Christmas Eve PJ's

The boys wore their aprons made by Great-Grandma Scott to make cookies for Santa.

Santa, we're ready! Please come soon!

Christmas Village

We needed a little more Christmas cheer so we bundled up and went downtown Ogden for lots of lights.
The boys got one last chance to tell Santa their wish list.
Payton's top pick- Wii games
Cole's top pick- Indiana Jones Whip

Just being silly in the snow!