Monday, July 9, 2012

Jump In

/The kids love to do tricks and flips in the pool and want their picture taken while they jump in the pool!

Taylor and Carson love the pool!

Park City

 The first of June we took a rode trip to Park City.  My entire family was there too.  The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles and all their cousins!  We stayed at Marriot's Mountainside Resort.  Just outside our hotel was tons of cute shops, resturants and all the fun rides.  We went to the candy store at least once a day.  Carson's favorite thing to do was go for walks!  We did lots of swimming.  We went on a nature hike and rode the trolley to Main Street to see all the fun shops.


 The first swim of the season was a perfect day!  The first swim is always the most exciting and usually lasts all day.  Brian was gone with the scouts so we had friends over for lunch and a swim party.  The kids had a blast and didn't want it to end.  Taylor looked so cute in her new swim suit with her two new teeth!

Hoppy Easter

The Easter holiday was jam packed with egg hunts, picnics, food and fun!  Easter morning the kids were so excited to go through their baskets to see what fun goodies the Easter Bunny delivered!  Brian had reduced meeting schedule so we got to hang out as a family before church.  The boys started the day with a healthy dose of candy from the egg hunt, had a little breakfast, more candy, a little lunch and more candy.  We got all dressed up in our cute new outfits and went to church.  After church we were invited to a friends home for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.

The boys loved decorating eggs!

The day before Easter we got together with friends for a BBQ and egg hunt.  We hid over 350 eggs for only 4 kids...sugar high!

Cole's preschool had an Easter party in the park before Spring Break.  They had relay races, sung songs, had lunch, egg hunt and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

During Spring Break we met some friends for a picnic at the park and another egg hunt .  Taylor and Summer are just a month and a half apart...too cute!
Zachary, Payton, Gregory and Cole going through all their candy.

Carson and Cooper