Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Fishes

While we were visiting our family in Utah the kids were so worried about missing out on a swim day. Kristen's brother-in-law has a fun pool with a slide and diving board. Payton & Cole were thrilled to be able to go swimming. I can't believe what a dare devil Cole is. His favorite thing is to jump off the diving board and scream Cannon ball!

Hogle Zoo

The kids love our annual trip to the zoo! We had a great time seeing all the animals and hanging out with family and friends.
Payton, Cade, Addison and Cole pretending to be giant gorillas.

Cole couldn't get enough of the giraffes long black tongue.

Payton and Cade getting cooled off by the giant fan.

The boys thought the rhinos were awesome!

Gotta love all the gift shop goodies!

I love my two little monkeys!