Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Visitors

The first week of June my family came to Vegas. It's the first time the entire family has been to visit. They all stayed at my parents time share downtown so we did all the fun tourist stuff. The kids loved just hanging out at the hotel. Addison and Cole pretended to be puppies while Matt, Brian and Payton played pool.
We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, walked the strip, shopped, swam and had lots of fun together! We can't wait for everyone to come visit again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shark Reef

Friday we went to Shark Reef with Matt, Rebecca & Jackson. The boys loved all the different fish we saw. My favorites were the jelly fish. Payton was thrilled that he got to pet a sting rays!

Viva Las Vegas

While my family was in town, they wanted to see all the sights on The Strip. We spent Friday night walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. It was fun the play tourist just 20 minutes from home. My boys love to watch the water show and Bellagio. Payton thought M&M world was awesome. He wanted to get every color of M&M.

Family BBQ

Saturday night my cousin, Taryn, invited us over for swimming and dinner. Payton and Cole have so much fun hanging out with her kiddos: Kaleigh, Jordan & Jayce.

Kaleigh and Cole just chillin' in the hot tub.

Addison, Jayce, Payton & Cole practicing their stroke on the putting green.

Cole loved dressing up in the Mickey Mouse gloves!

Goggles are a must have for the pool.

By the end of the night Cole was worn out and ready for bed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kindergarten Celebration

Payton had a awesome year in school! He had the best teacher and such a fun class. The program was so cute. His class sang songs they had learned throughout the year. His teacher made a DVD slide show of activities and passed out awards. Payton tied for reading the most books in the class. Way to go Payton!

Payton was so sad when school was over. He's ready for 1st grade!

Swimming Day

Hot summer days are here in Vegas... perfect for swimming! The boys are loving the water and getting to be really good swimmers. Cole is a dare devil... he loves to go down water slides (by himself) and do cannon balls. Payton can swim like a fish. Thanks to all our friends that invite us to swim!

Field Day

Payton's school had a Field Day for all the kindergarters. Payton had a blast competing in all the different relay races. It was a super hot day so Payton was excited about the water races and eating Otter Pops.

Water Fun

The kids love going to the water park! We met some kids from Payton's school class. The boys ran through the water, went down the slides and ate lots of Otter Pops!