Thursday, June 26, 2008

PreSchool Graduation

Yea! School is out for the summer and Payton is a proud graduate from preschool. His teacher, Mrs. Kathy, had a graduation breakfast at Burger King. Payton and his class mates sang some songs and then the kids got their diplomas.
Payton went to school every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. He loved his class. It was boys only. His teacher was so brave to make a class filled with six wild and crazy boys. Bottom row boys: Gregory, Payton, Sam & Ethan. (Top row: ??? who knows??? another class decided to join the picture???). Payton is going to miss all his friends and his teacher. I'm going to miss the quiet time I get when he went to school.
This was Payton's first day of school. I think he looks so grown up now. What a difference a school year can make. Watch out kindergarten, here comes Payton!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Swim Days

Living in Las Vegas, it is so nice to have friends with a pool. Today, my friend Brandy invited a bunch of us gals and our kids over to her pool.
Payton loves the water.
Payton with all his buddies.
Cole was more interested in the car than the pool. He finally got in the water after we found a ball to play with.

Payton is so funny. He can swim fine without his water wings, it's just easier with them on. I think he just needs more confidence in swimming without them. He is going to start swimming lessons soon. That will definitely help.

Build A Bear

Thursday, we met Aunt Kristy at Planet Hollywood for more fun. They have one of my favorite malls in town. We ate lunch at Cheese Burger in Paradise and then hit the shops. The boys favorite store was Build A Bear. They each got to make an animal. They both picked dogs.
After the boys got their dogs they picked out a heart, made a wish and got their dogs filled with fluff.
Then it was time for a bath and picking out the clothes. Payton's dog was dressed as a fisherman and Cole's dog wore board shorts and a t-shirt.
After the dogs were dressed we made their birth certificates and gave them a name. Payton named his dog Hoover, just like Grandpa Hardy's new dog. We kept things pretty simple with Cole's dog. His name is Puppy. The boys had lots of fun with their new dogs. Cole walked all over the mall carrying his shopping bag with Puppy inside.

When Grandma Comes To Town

This week Grandma Hardy came to visit us. We always get to do fun things when she comes. When went to the Bellagio to see Aunt Kristy (she's in town for a convention). The Bellagio has a beautiful Conservatory. It's decorated with patriotic things to celebrate the 4th of July. Cole was so excited to see all the trains. He wouldn't take his eyes off them, but he did say cheese for the picture.
Grandma is so nice. She took the boys shopping at Toys R Us and let them pick out a toy. Payton wanted more Star Wars guys and of course Cole wanted a train.
For dinner we went to the Rain Forest Cafe. Cole was terrified of this life-like elephant. Any time the elephant would move or make a noise Cole would just start shaking. After dinner we watched the water show outside the Bellagio. Cole said, "wow" during the entire show. Thanks for coming to visit us Grandma!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Surprise Party

After our week in Park City, Brian flew from Arizona to Salt Lake and we drove to Idaho to visit his family. Keith threw a surprise 50th Birthday party for Lani. I took her shopping while everyone else did all the work. We got back from shopping and she was completely surprised.
Payton & Cole were happy to see Brian after a long week apart.
Payton made a new friend, Dallon, that has a huge Cars collection.
Cole tried to teach Luke how to give high fives.
Happy Birthday, Lani!!!

Birthday Girl

I got to celebrate my birthday in Park City with my family. It was pretty tricky lighting that many candles. I tried to help but when I blew out the match half the candles went out with the match. My Dad and Liz took over.
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Park City

The boys and I drove to Park City while Brian flew to Arizona for work. We stayed with Grandma & Grandpa Scott at their condo for a week. It was so nice to get away. The boys did very well on the long drive. We just weren't ready for the cold weather, rain and even snow. We braved the rain and went to Main Street. Payton was so excited to ride the city BUS!
It's not like Vegas. There's no valet and you have to take all your own luggage to the room. The kids loved riding up and down the halls on the carts.
We had fun cooking hot dogs on the grill by the pool. We had even more fun having our picnic in the rain.
Cole and Payton got to spend lots of time with their cousin Addison.
After a long day of outlet shopping they were ready to go to bed in their new PJ's.
Payton had fun at the Little Miners Park. He rode the Merry-go-Round and the airplanes. Cole was not thrilled with the rides. He screamed when I tried to put him in the plane & held onto me for dear life on the Merry-go-Round. It started raining after the kiddie rides so they closed the Alpine Slide.
Grandpa taught Payton how to play checkers.
At the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory the boys picked out giant suckers which stained Cole's face blue for a day.

The sun did come a for an afternoon of swimming. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the fun trip. Payton is already asking when we can go again!