Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa.
We wish we could be there to celebrate. Instead we had a party in your honor. The boys looked at pictures and talked about all the fun they do with you. Payton said he can't wait for summer morning snail hunts;
the parade and rodeo;

building legos; and

getting big hugs.

We Love You Grandpa!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Birthday Boy

This year for Payton's Birthday, he wanted cupcakes instead of a cake. I found SpongeBob and Patrick decorations for the cupcakes. Payton got to help me frost the cupcakes. The best part was licking to knife after we were done frosting--Yum!
Cole really enjoyed the cupcakes. He ate more than Payton.

Yea! Another game for Wii. Payton didn't know the name of this game, but thanks to the creative team at Nintendo he could sing the commercial--"It's the final countdown."

Payton and his presents. Hooray, more Transformers!

Thank you Grandma Scott! Payton loves his new blanket you made. I think Cole was a little jealous. He had to cuddle with it in his new chair.

Merry Christmas!

Look at my handsome boys sporting these Christmas PJ's. It's a family tradition to open a present Christmas Eve and it's always been matching pajamas.

Here's Payton with the BIG present. He was so excited. "It's just what I asked Santa to bring me." Santa was super nice this year. Payton couldn't think of anything else he wanted.

The boys got fun chairs with their names monogrammed on them. We couldn't get Cole out of his chair.
Finally, something just his size.

Put away the camo clothes and sleeping bags, now Brian can hunt in the comfort of the living room. I think Brian was even more excited about the Wii than Payton.

Brian spoiled me again this year. He got me a new TV and DVD player for the kitchen. I love it! We had a great Christmas. We spent the day together laughing and playing. We got to talk to Brian's brother, Tyler, in Mexico. Our friends the Van Wagoners came for dinner and games. The only thing that could have made the day better was being with our families.
We miss you all, Merry Christmas!