Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe my little Payton started kindergarten today. He was just a little nervous about a new school and making new friends, but really excited for new school clothes and a new back pack! He has afternoon kindergarten so all morning he kept asking how much longer he could play until school started.
Finally, the time came to leave for school and he was so excited!
Big "cheese"

Payton & Cole had lots of fun playing on the kindergarten playground. Cole thought he was such a big boy going to school too!
Then it was time to go inside for class to start. Payton was pretty worried that I was leaving him and started to get a couple tears in his eyes. Cole could tell Payton was upset and started crying. I gave Payton a hug and told him not to worry, have fun! I carried Cole out the door while he was crying and saying, "P-Dawg, home,

P-Dawg..." He cried the entire way home and didn't stop until he called Daddy at work.

First day jitters are never fun. He's got the best teacher and has an awesome year ahead of him!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grandma's House

Last weekend we made the long trip to Twin Falls for Tyler's missionary homecoming. The boys love going to Grandma's house. They got to play outside all day- going for rides in their Jeep, four wheeling with Dad, feeding the dogs with Grandpa... lots of fun for little boys!
Cole was thrilled to see Luke again. He missed his little cousin a ton!
Payton was giving Cole driving lessons. Cole is a great driver as long as crashing into the fence isn't a problem.
More outside fun!
Payton, Kristy and Cole playing with Grandpa's new puppy, Kirby.
Best of all Greg got to come home for the day. It was awesome to see him doing so well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kingston Ranch

Brian's office had the funnest summer party this last weekend. One of the partners has a huge ranch on the Nevada California border. We drove out Saturday and spent the afternoon jumping on the tramp, swimming in the pond, feeding bunnies, playing with the dogs and horses, swinging, and sliding on the bounce house. We all had a great time!


Payton & Cole had so much fun playing with their cousin Luke! They got to spend a lot of time together in the hospital waiting room. I'm sure the nurses were glad to see us go. We had races up and down the hall. The boys loved to ride the elevator and push the buttons. I think the best was watching the boys play on Luke's truck.

The Duke

Good old Ogden has done a lot of work to restore the downtown area. We went to the Farmers Market and saw lots of tractors, real horses and wooden horses. Local artists painted life-size wooden horses. Our favorite was the John Wayne horse. Payton was thrilled when Grandpa lifted him on the horse.

Cowboy Up!

Payton looks forward to the rodeo all year long. One time I asked him if he could go anywhere he wanted on vacation, where would he go? His answer: the rodeo with Grandma & Grandpa. So I asked him why the rodeo? His answer: they have snow cones, churros, cotton candy, soda... and grandma buys me whatever I want.