Friday, September 24, 2010


Labor Day was pretty quiet and relaxing for our family. All the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents left to go back home so it was just the five of us. We played around the house during the day and hung out in the backyard that night. We roasted marshmellows by the fire. The kids think it's just like camping.

My Baby

Carson is so sweet. I loved seeing him dressed in white for his blessing.

Carson's Blessing Story

Carson was all wrapped up in the blanket my grandma crocheted and Brian took him up for the blessing. Carson didn't make a noise. His cute outfit and the blanket made him extra slippery and he started sliding out of all the men's hands during the blessing. They were all paniced that they would drop him. Luckily, Brian works best under pressure and reached in and caught him right before he fell.

Weekend Fun

Labor Day weekend we blessed Carson. We were so lucky to have tons of family come to help celebrate the special occasion. We spent all weekend playing outside, swimming, eating, laughing, visiting, eating and having fun with all our family. The kids had a blast playing with all their cousins. And the cousins loved coming to Las Vegas a.k.a. our play room.

Carson with his great aunt Susan.

Serious video gamers Travis and Payton.

We managed to squeeze in some family pictures.

Best buddies Cole & Luke

New School Year

This year Payton started second grade and Cole is going to Joy School. Both boys were so excited for school to start. Payton got the teacher he wanted and even gets to sit next to one of his best friends in class! Cole loves going to school. He feels like such a big boy. He only goes two times a week and wishes it were everyday (me too).

We celebrated the first day of school at home
with a giant cookie!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Fun

A Saturday before school started we spent the day with some friends at the Marriott. We played all day by the pool. The kids loved it and Carson went for his first swim!

The kids had a blast relaxing in the cabana.