Wednesday, April 25, 2012


January was jam-packed full of crazy, busy, fun! The day after New Year's our out of town family left (except Grandma Hardy). Brian and his dad went to Arizona for the week to hunt. Lani and I had lots of fun doing kid stuff during the day and staying up late at night to watch movies. We went to the park, built lego toys and taught Carson to ride his scooter.

Cole started preschool. He was so excited!

Taylor is changing so fast. Her little smile just melts my heart!

We took a quick weekend trip to Idaho.

We always love to see cousins!

Cole lost two teeth.  A visit from the tooth fairy= cha ching!

Fun Times

Taylor and Carson are so cute together! Carson can make Taylor laugh better than anyone! 

March was home improvement month.  We fenced in the pool and got the inside of the house painted.  The painters did it in two days.  So awesome!  The day they painted down stairs we picniced upstairs in the play room and watched movies all afternoon in my bedroom.

Happy Birthday, Brian!


Payton was so excited for the Pinewood Derby this year! He and Brian got a late start on his car but it still turned out pretty cool. Payton's car was black with red flames (car on the left of the track). He had lots of fun watching the races and cheering for his friends.

Taylor and Carson watching the race in the VIP seating.

Payton's car took second place!

A few of the other racers.

Payton and Ryder after the race.

Grandma's House

In March we took a road trip to Idaho for our new cousin, Brooks, baby blessing. We spent the weekend having lots of fun with our family. Grandma sent us on an egg hunt for candy, prizes and cash! It gets pretty serious.
Carson wasn't sure why he had to carry this basket around. When the hunt started, Carson found an egg, opened it, ate the candy and went to the next egg. If he found an egg with something else, he'd leave it and move on.


Cole and Luke loved playing together.

There's always fun toys to play at Grandma's

Payton was in heaven playing tether ball!
We love going to visit family!


Here are some things I loved about February...
All my boys hanging out together.

Taylor dressed in PINK for Valentine's Day.
Sending the kids on a treasure hunt for their Valentines.

A fun, fondue dinner with friends.

Taylor's happy smile!



A fun toy from Brian's Boss.

Rice cereal!

Bumbo chair!

Payton's school project. He sewed most of it by himself!
Brian and I celebrated our 11 year anniversay. He got babysitters (we need two) and took me to dinner and a show.