Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Mr. Turtle

The kids have a new friend at home, Mr. Turtle. They love to feed him, take him outside (he needs a little sun every day to help harden his shell) and play with him. Every morning before school, Payton washes lettuce to feed him. Last week Payton forgot to put the lid back on his cage. By the time I had noticed Mr. Turtle had escaped and was roaming free in the house. Cole & I frantically searched for nearly an hour before we found him. What a relief! He really is pretty cute!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This week Cole turned 3! Every morning for the last two weeks he would wake up and ask if it was his birthday. The big day finally arrived and he was so excited! Any time people wished him Happy Birthday during the day he would say "Happy Birthday to you too." It was so funny! We had a little backyard BBQ to celebrate. He had a blast "whackin' the pinata" and opening his presents. Cole loved his Buzz Lightyear cake. He blew his heart out trying to blow out his candles and finally had to get help from Payton. Happy Birthday, Cole!