Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pioneer Day Parade

Ogden has the best parade for the 24th. Grandpa goes the day before to set out blankets so we always get great seats. Grandma brought Uno cards so Payton was in heaven. His new nickname is Captain Uno.
Liz got to be in the parade this year.
She's senior class vice- pres at OHS.
Go Tigers!

Cole was happy that Grandpa brought treats.

Donuts and twizzlers are the breakfast of champions!

Our Zoo Trip

Wednesday, July 23rd we took a trip to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. Grandma Scott, Addison and Liz went with us. We met Tyler, Whitney and Grandma Hardy there.
It was so hot and sunny Brian bought the boys cool zoo hats.
Addison's favorite animal was the merkats. She loves the movie Lion King and they looked like Timon.
Tyler & Whitney really should have gotten hats too.
Payton loved riding on the elephant trunk.

Cole loved watching all the animals, especially the bears that were wrestling.

Payton couldn't resist getting a drink every time we passed the lion drinking fountain.
Cole got so tired he fell asleep watching the tiger.

The boys got to pick out a stuffed animal. Cole wanted a tiger and a bear. He kept saying ''both". He finally decided on the bear.

Payton's favorite animal was the white alligator.

The boys were so excited to ride the zoo train.
We all had an exciting day at the zoo!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Whale of a Time

Tuesday, July 22nd I took the boys to my friend Jen's house. I couldn't wait to see her and her twin baby girls. Once we got there we blew up pools for the boys to swim in and just got to visit. Payton was really excited to play with Cade. The kids had a great time splashing and sliding in the water. Abby and Ella are so cute! I can't believe how much work little twins are. I was having so much fun visiting and watching the boys swim I forgot take a picture of the twins so you'll have to check out Jen's blog to see how sweet they are!
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Presents From Mexico

Don't be afraid it's just the Blue Devil and Lightning Bult. Uncle Tyler brought these wrestling masks home from Mexico for the boys. Cole thought it was important to flex his muscles while wearing the mask. Payton wore his all afternoon. We walked around the hospital and people couldn't help but chuckle. One man even called him Nacho Libre.
Tyler showing off his skills with his Mexican yo yo.
Tyler had really cool gifts for all of us. Thanks for all the good stuff Tyler!

Happy Birthday Liz

My sister Liz turned 17 on July 17th. We went to dinner at Texas Road House. Great food but I don't want to go there on my birthday. Check out the saddle they make you sit on while they sing to you. She took it like a champ.
The birthday girl with all her delicious grub.
Our cute family trying to pose for a picture.
Addison and Kristen
Happy Birthday!

The Tree House

Thursday, July 17th we kidnapped Mandy and Luke from the hospital and went to the Tree House. The kids had a great time playing with all the cool toys.
Cole was so stoked about wearing a "hat" and playing in the "truck". I can't believe how many words he's saying now.
Luke was thinking how cool he was to be inside the table.

Cole was in heaven playing with all the different train sets. He doesn't get the whole sharing thing yet and got pretty upset when other kids tried to play with his trains. One of his words I'm not crazy about, "mine".

The drums and xylophones were a big hit!
A very proud Payton. He thought his block tower was way cool.
Payton's favorite were the knights and castle. He remembered them from our visit last year and went looking for them as soon as we arrived. It's a popular toy so he had to wait a while to get all the guys he wanted.

Welcome Home Uncle Tyler

Wednesday, July 15th, Tyler got home from his mission in Mexico. Payton was so excited to see him. He tried to play it cool by telling Kristy, " Ya, it's cool, whatever." But believe me, he was so thrilled he could barely contain himself. He spent the afternoon coloring welcome home signs. He drew pictures of him and Tyler playing.
Cole, Payton and Luke waiting for Tyler's delayed plane.
Finally he arrived. We all screamed and gave him big hugs.
Welcome Home Uncle Tyler!

More Than a Miracle

Tuesday, July 15, the boys and I got the Tahoe packed and were headed to Idaho to see Grandma & Grandpa Hardy. We got on the road and received a call from Lani (Grandma Hardy) telling us to turn around & go back to Ogden. Greg (Brian's brother) was in a work accident and was being life flighted to McKay Dee Hospital. Greg arrived at the hospital, received a blessing and went straight to surgery. The doctor was brutally honest and told us he probably wouldn't make it. Brian left work and caught a plane to Salt Lake and Kristy flew in from Fresno. Greg's surgery was a success but he was still in critical condition for the next 72 hours. He was heavily medicated and put in a coma to let his body rest. Many prayers and fasts were had by family and friends on Greg's behalf. Everyday we saw improvement. Miracles happened, prayers were answered and testimonies strengthened. Eleven long days later Greg woke up from his coma. All the doctors are amazed at his progress. He's now out of ICU and has therapy everyday. He's got a long road ahead but I know he's going to make it. Thanks to all those who have kept him and his family in your prayers. Please remember Greg, Mandy, Luke and the rest of his family in your prayers. We love you Greg! We wish we could be there to see you. Know that we think about you all the time and we'll be back to see you soon!

Dinosaur Park

Monday, July 14, Grandma Scott, Payton, Cole and I went to Dinosaur Park. Cole was a little nervous about all the roaring dinosaurs. Anytime they made noise he'd start to shake and come running back to mom.
Digging for dinosaur bones was very cool. Poor Cole kept getting sand in his shoes and needed lots of wipes to get his feet clean.
The boys had tons of fun playing on the play ground and hiding in the dinosaur caves.
Cole has become an expert at stairs on our trip and was so proud to have climbed these stairs.

It started to get to sunny for Payton so we made our stop at the gift shop (Payton is a big advocate for souvenirs) and headed back to Grandma's house.