Monday, April 28, 2008

Leaving LasVegas

Saturday, we left the city and headed to St. George. We went to visit the Paynes. All the boys played golf at Sand Hollow while the girls scrapbooked. I think Brian and Brandon had their hands full at the golf course. They only got the play a few holes but the little ones loved it!
Jack, Payton, Tyler, Brian & Cole
On the way back to Vegas we stopped in Mesquite for some dinner. We ate with Susan, Mike & Krista. They told us about the fun carnival celebrating Mesquite Days. Payton and Brian played lots of silly games.
Payton was such a nice brother. He shared his prizes with Cole.
The best part was the cotton candy.
Cole hasn't learned the glory in a good road trip. He cried most of the way home. We had a great time with the Paynes and Payton can't wait to go play with Jack again soon.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hiking at Red Rock

Saturday, our family spent the afternoon with the Vanwagoners and Bishops at Red Rock. We had a picnic in the wind. Payton's soda blew over and my sandwich got carried away in a big gust of wind.

Payton and Cole had tons of fun climbing on all the big rocks.
Cole has a new trick. He likes to show off his big muscles. I was lucky to snap a picture right while he was flexing. Payton and Ryan are always ready to pose for the camera.
We even found a bridge with a tiny stream on our hike.
It was a great day for a hike.

Happy 1st Birthday Luke

Luke had the funnest birthday party. We drove to Idaho for the big luau.

There was lots of yummy food.
Cole's favorite was riding on Grandpa Hardy's 4-wheeler.
All boy cousins--Cole, Luke and Payton.

Grandma always has fun, new toys for the boys to play with.
Brian got to help with the pig roast.
It was such a quick trip. Next time hopefully we can stay for more than one day.
The next morning we drove to Grandma and Grandpa Scott's to see our newest cousin, Jackson, get blessed. He is such a cutie (pictures of him later).

Payton's New Bike

Brian took Payton to Toys R Us and picked out the coolest new bike. Payton was so excited! We took it home and started riding lessons. Suddenly, the bike wasn't so cool any more. Riding a bike is more challenging than Payton imagined.
Payton was so frustrated. He hated his bike and wanted a new one.
Brian persuaded him to keep trying and he is enjoying his bike more each time he rides.
And of course, Cole has to do everything Payton does.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What A Week

It all started Easter weekend. Cole got the stomach flu and Payton had a cough and runny nose. Cole was too sick to get into the spirit of the holiday. He climbed off the couch for a few minutes to look for a eggs. We missed church but still had an Easter lesson at home. Monday, Brian went to the doctor and stayed home from work. He started getting a terrible cough. Cole finally started keeping food down and Payton's cough started to sound a little better. The kids even felt good enough to play outside. We thought the worst was over. NOPE! Cole started coughing.
Tuesday morning I took Payton and Cole to the doctor expecting to get some prescription cough medicine. Instead, I had to call Brian at work to pick up Payton; the doctor was putting Cole and me in an ambulance. Cole's oxygen level was so low he had to be admitted to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, Cole got an IV and some oxygen tubes in his nose.
The doctor said Cole would have to stay in the hospital 2-5 days. Wednesday, we celebrated Brian's birthday a day late.
Cole loved the ice cream cake. We couldn't get the blue frosting off his face. The nurses didn't know it was frosting and thought the oxygen wasn't working. Thursday afternoon the doctor said it was ok to take out the IV and said if he could sleep all night without the oxygen tubes we could go home Friday. We were so excited! Thursday night the respiratory therapist came to give Cole his breathing treatment. Cole fell asleep during the treatment. As soon as he was out his oxygen level dropped and we knew he wasn't going home yet. It was heartbreaking.
Luckily, Grandma Scott could fly to Vegas to help. Payton was so excited to see her.
Payton lost his second tooth. The tooth fairy brought him another $5. Cha Ching!
Friday night, Cole did not want to go to sleep. He finally went to sleep and his oxygen level didn't drop. The RT came to do his treatment and his level stayed strong. I stayed up all night. Any time his level would go down a little I moved him to make sure his airway was open. I fell asleep at 4:00. The nurse came to check on him at 5:45. This was the first time in my life I was happy that early in the morning. I knew we were going home today!
It was a week full of every emotion. In the end my heart was full of gratitude. Grateful for priesthood blessings, prayer, friends and family. But most of all my healthy boys.